The Pyramids Model HYGIA and HORUS are used for various antirheumatic localized therapies, traumatic, infectious (especially bacterial), acceleration of healing of external and internal wounds, bruises, sprains and lumbar accidents. It can also be used to treat plants affected by various fungi, food preservation, seeds and some medicines, liquors and dietetic products, as well as to preserve laboratory samples without rot. It is not known if it has a direct effect on the virus, but it is proven to boost the immune system.
It is made of aluminum of excellent quality and of the maximum purity of the European market, it lacks ferromagnetic, in 3 mm of thickness and with basic measures: 800 cm, height: 51 cm and edges of 76 centimeters. Its approximate weight is 10 kg. In the Horus model, the base is 60 centimeters (382 mm high) and weighs almost 7 kg.

The joists are assembled with pieces of the same material, using aluminum pop rivets. They can be requested with table and / or stretcher.

Like any pyramid, to work they must be oriented with one face exactly to the north using a compass. At five degrees of diversion there is noticeable loss of effect, and more than eight degrees few pyramids work, depending on where they are standing.

Read the information carefully before you start using the pyramid.

Print and keep this leaflet. You may need to re-read it.

If you have any questions, consult Piramicasa to get in touch with doctors or therapists trained in the use of the product.

This pyramid can be used by anyone, including elderly and children with medical supervision of an adult trained by a physician, but must follow the instructions of the mode of use in each case and for each particular therapy.

Do not use less than one meter of large metallic masses (except aluminum) such as stoves and radiators. It should be kept away from household appliances, except for MP3 or similar of small size.

Keep more than two meters of mobile phones and microwave ovens during their therapeutic use or in their function as a food or seed preservative. Close microwave emissions and intense electromagnetic waves can reduce the effectiveness of the pyramid.

Apart from the proximity of microwaves or mobile phones, geopathies (intense Hartmann knots, crosses of Hartmann and Curry lines, etc.) can reduce or even cancel the function of the pyramid, even if it is well oriented.Normally it will be enough to move it one meter in any direction to make it work. These geopathies are found in nature but are also caused by structures of buildings built without geobiological knowledge. When a pyramid Hygia or any model does not function properly, it is indicative of a powerful geopathy whereby the place should not be inhabited by people, dogs and other higher sensitive animals to these rare anomalies. Mobile phones are not affected or affect the field of these pyramids, but it is recommended not to use them within two meters during its use. It is recommended not to install it too close to the walls, avoiding as much as possible, the proximity of electrical connections and cables. Both the pyramid and the stand are made of aluminum, which is paramagnetic but a good electrical conductor, so that it must not come into contact with any element that can produce any electric shock.

INSIDE of a paramagnetic pyramid you can be as long as you like, but BELOW corresponds to the use of ANTIPYRAMID (the field that forms below the base), it must be done strictly under the guidelines described in this section.

Do not apply to people who have ingested alcohol excessively, because it would delay the metabolism of the alcohol.

Do not apply Anti-pyramid in patients with pacemakers, unless under medical supervision. Pacemakers work perfectly INSIDE a pyramid but there may be alteration UNDER or UP the pyramid.

Do not use the area above the pyramid, except for innocuous experiments. The superior Antipyramid possesses qualities that have not been deeply studied like the interior and the inferior antipyramid.

Do not use to expose psychotropic, barbiturate or cardiac medicines or those where the effect of their doses is directly related to the time of metabolization. Natural essences and liqueurs increase their quality, while artificial ones, bad liqueurs or artificial wines decompose returning to their original chemistry.

In case of decomposition, dizziness and / or nausea when applied to the abdomen, it is not necessary to stop the therapy, but to suspend the session, decreasing the next one in half the time, then increasing progressively. These symptoms may appear in hypochondriacs or hypersensitive to magnetotherapy. There are no age restrictions, and may apply to children and the elderly. In pregnant women it is advisable to avoid abdominal application, except with medical supervision in case of infection or injury. The recommended maximum session time on the fetus should not exceed 10 minutes.


* "Interval" means the time between the end of one session and the beginning of the next. The basic guideline is TWO HOURS as explained in the chapter of Cause and Effects, but can be modified in some cases.

1) Legs and arms: 50 minutes per session, two hours apart.
Note 1: In cases of septicemia, it can be extended to 90 minutes during the first two or three days, according to medical criteria, then it is suspended when it is verified that the infection stops. In uninfected wounds, sprains, etc., 50 minutes.

2) Lower abdomen (genital organs): 20 to 25 minutes per session.
Note 2: Time is in function of serious infections. In non-serious chronic infections, the time can be reduced to 15 minutes and one more daily session can be done.

3) Upper abdomen (Intestines, stomach, liver, kidneys): 15 to 20 minutes per session.
Note 3:Renal problems can be treated up to 25 minutes per session during the first three days, generating a vital stimulus in patients with dialysis due to chronic dysfunction. Then the time is reduced, at a rate of one minute per session, up to 15 minutes. (Prone decubitus). Intestinal infections can be treated up to half an hour (supine decubitus) during the first day of sessions, decreasing at a rate of one minute per session from the second day, up to 15 minutes. Liver problems are preferably treated in combination with phytotherapy and homeopathy (especially with lemon juice if the patient does not present a special intolerance to it). The antipyramid will act in sessions of 15 minutes as an adjuvant, accelerating the chemical changes without interfering in the actual drug.

4) Thorax: 10 to 15 minutes per session.
Note 4: The use of antipyramid in the chest is not recommended if the patient has pacemaker, but has not been shown to cause interference. These patients may use pyramids for sleep, but with antipyramid not enough tests have been performed on the devices or on pacemaker volunteers. If there are no pacemakers, cervical problems, herniated discs, chronic contractions, hiatal hernias, and general infections anywhere in the chest can be treated.

5) Head: Never more than 5 minutes.
NOTE 5: Infections can lead to double the time, this is up to 10 minutes in the head for otitis, gingivitis, headaches unrelated to liver dysfunctions or magnetic factors, such as the use of hair dryer, causing of over ninety percent of migraines and chronic headaches. If the problem is caused by inflammatory processes from infections, apply up to 10 minutes, but if the inflammation is traumatic (recent beating or wounds), it is preferable to stay in the 5 minutes but shorten the interval to 90 minutes (one hour and a half) until the inflammation has resided. Most of the time it will only take two sessions to eliminate the inflammation.
In this case, we are considering an emergency, since the blows to the head require a more complete attention in the shortest possible time to diagnose and avoid complications. Any of the treatments recommended by the traumatologist may be accompanied by sessions of antipyramid, with the minimum time pattern of 5 minutes.


1) A maximum of TEN MINUTES of exposure is recommended when the heart, head or thyroid is treated directly or indirectly. If it is not infectious problems, always stay in FIVE MINUTES.

The pyramid proper said (the inside of a paramagnetic pyramid) has no restrictions or contraindications for healthy or diseased when they are made like ours, of high purity aluminum.

In the other hand the use of antipyramid (the field that forms under the plane of the base by quantum exclusion) does have some contraindications, which despite not being as dangerous as those of medications or other therapies, can cause unpleasant symptoms and light damages, as it bears some resemblance to magnetotherapy, even though we are using the Earth's magnetic field. To avoid this unpleasant symptoms, it is enough to take into account a few but important guidelines and recommendations.

2) The antipyramid has more powerful and fast effects than the pyramid itself, therefore it is recommended to use it under surveillance and medical criteria. Until this therapeutic modality is more widespread and there are enough medical personnel prepared to supervise it, at least these differences between the two modalities must be respected and the antipyramid must be used with care.

>> Differences between pyramid and antipyramid

3) The intervals between the end of one session and the beginning of the next one is usually TWO HOURS. This is because there are cycles of flocculation of colloids in the cytoplasm and both pyramid and antipyramid slow down these cycles, lengthening the cells life. But the antipyramid can stop them more than is convenient for the cell, so that until more precise data on the antipyramidal effect in these processes are available, it is preferable to avoid exposures longer than 50 minutes, as well as to leave - always - two hour intervals because in that time the process of flocculation in the cytoplasm is completely normalized.

4) Special care must be taken with the endocrine system, since it is the most sensitive to pyramidal therapy. The nervous system and the heart muscle follows, but this last one deserves special attention. A maximum of TEN MINUTES of exposure is recommended when the heart, head, or thyroid is treated directly or indirectly.

5) The maximum recommended exposure is FIFTY MINUTES for the extremities (feet, forelegs, legs, hands, forearms and arms). Depending on the affected area, etiology, level of involvement, and general medical judgment, attack therapy involving the right shoulder with that frequency and duration (50 minutes) may be given as long as the heart is not too close to the central vortex . Therefore, the left shoulder can not be treated with that exposure time, unless the medical criteria indicate it as serious conditions such as infections or large wounds that deserve at least a more drastic attack therapy.

6) The area of the abdomen, depending on the severity of what is being treated, will oscillate according to medical criteria between 10 and 40 minutes,(attack therapy) and decreasing as soon as the first signs of therapeutic progress are observed, taking into account that we are affecting the gonads and several secretory organs which, although they belong to the reproductive system or to the digestive system, have interaction and / or direct relationship with the endocrine system, since they are large secretory glands. From the point of view of molecular physics, the complexity of these organs (liver, pancreas, vesicle, ovary or testicles) is enormous compared to the rest of the body and it would be very extensive to go into details. Of the fundamental causes of the pyramidal effect is the molecular restructuring of all matter - even of the microcrystals minerals -, from which derive the absence of putrefaction, the higher solvency and lower oxidizing power of water, as well as the elimination by magnetic sweeping of free radicals and all quantum trash. Thus in the organs of very complex chemical and biological activity the effects will be more remarkable and the changes will be greater than in the rest of the body. This will result in symptoms that may be very therapeutic, but will usually be bothersome and strange to the patient. The endocrine system is the one that presents the most strange symptoms to the antipyramidal therapy and therefore it is necessary not to extend it too much, since still being indications almost always therapeutic, an imbalance in the endocrine activity implies some risk.

7) The torso area has less hypersensitive parts than the abdomen. The lungs perfectly support a long therapy and may even exceed 50 minutes (because their cellular dynamics prevents a deep slowing of colloidal cytoplasmic flocculation), but the location of the heart in this area makes impossible for us to reach that time of exposure, unless we have the same treatment as the left shoulder, a serious infection whose risk of harm is much greater than that the produced by the antipyramid on the heart. Needless to say, patients with pacemakers, although they have no contraindication with the pyramid itself, should take special care in the use of antipyramid. There are no known risks, but prudence dictates in these cases because pyramid therapy is a form of magnetotherapy. These patients can be treated without any risk inside a paramagnetic pyramid, as well as they can treat with antipyramid any part of the body that is far from the heart.

8) The head can also be treated with antipyramid, but it is necessary to take precautions. In the case of infections, regardless of the organ affected, it is possible to extend to 15 minutes if there is a serious risk and it is necessary to stop the infection immediately. But with no high risk, it is preferable to stay within 10 minutes for attack therapy (one day, or about five sessions) and then five minutes to complete the treatment. In any case, the intervals will be two hours as for any of the antipyramid applications. Some patients have been treated for months with antipyramid, using large pyramids of low

density (see "Therapeutic Pyramid Revolution" in the case of Hector), but these treatments, justified by the severity of the problem and the vitality of the patient, must have analogous pyramids to those used in Cuba for integral treatment (whole body). That is why may be considered the difference with the model Hércules, to sleep every night inside a pyramid without risks or time limit, that although can be combined with antipyramid in so many therapies, will be very remarkable the rapidity of effects.

Some patients treated with potent antipyramid in the head have manifested nausea, dizziness, hyper and hearing loss, dizziness and other symptoms characteristic of magnetic involvement. However, there is no danger as long as there is no pain, no feeling of suffocation, no loss of consciousness. From now, with or without symptoms, the maximum time of ten minutes must be respected. In five minute sessions every two hours it has been possible to eliminate - in a few days or even a few weeks - ophthalmic infections, otitis, some dental problems caused by bacteria, as well as headaches and chronic migraines.

9) In infections, rheumatism, post-operative processes, miscellaneous injuries and almost all osteoarticular conditions, orthopedists are the ones that best benefit from the pyramidal effect throughout the Cuban health system. It is to be expected that this therapy will spread rapidly because it achieves a difference with respect to other treatments, which far exceeds the expectations of both doctors and patients. A sprain that normally cures between 14 and 21 days with plaster treatment and consumption of anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, stomach protector, etc., with antipyramid can cure in two or three days totally, without consumption of medicines and without the temporary disability of the cast. It is enough for a better recovery, a few days of logical rest, with effortless walks and sessions of antipyramid of fifty minutes with two hours of interval.

The hips should be treated taking care not to involve the internal organs with the vortex, so that they can also be treated with sessions of between 30 and 40 minutes. Operated, injured hands as well as those treated for rheumatic problems can be perfectly maintain in 50-minute sessions, even if the body position has to be changed or the extension of the furniture adapted, or a bed next to the pyramid. In this case, avoid beds with diamagnetic or ferromagnetic metals that could affect by close proximity the functioning of the Hygia.

10) Lumbalgia (low back pain) also so disabling and painful, can be treated with sessions of up to half an hour if we place the patient so that the vortex does not involve the internal organs. The intestines are not too susceptible to the pyramidal effect, so sessions in cases of intestinal infection can have the same duration and posture as the treatment of low back pain.

But it should be accompanied by a simple and quick reflex treatment from the Su-Jok ("hand-foot" in Korean) that can eliminate the low back pain in minutes: Using an orgone acupressor or at least a cap of a pen, search milimetrically the points indicated in the images, which will present with little pressure, intense pain. Once found the spot continue pressing without increasing the pressure for about five minutes, after which the pain will subside and the reflex in the sciatic nerve will also be noticeable. Waist pain does not always have this cause, but in any case the system is the same. The painful reflex point may be in other parts of the hand.

11) Hygia model pyramids can be used as described, but their interior (including an interior wooden base) is also used to treat water, natural medicines, homeopathic medicines, seeds and biological material that is wished to be free from bacterial contamination. It is recommended not to use for psychotropic medications, barbiturates or for cardiac patients or those where their doses are directly related to the time of metabolization.

You can request the video for a testimonial of the effect achieved in the treatment with a pyramid Hygia . This is the process of healing a septicemia, a month and a half after the doctors found impossible to save the patient's life.


The antipyramidal vortex of the Hygia model (80 cm side) is 17 centimeters below the plane of the base.

That the gonads do not remain right in the vortex, unless it is just what is being treated. In this case, the therapist will take special care when treating the genital apparatus (male or female), but in the case of infections, it must be taken into account that combating an infection is not to be paid with functional damage. To do this, the exposure time should not exceed twenty minutes in the four sessions of the first day (as way of attack), then reduced to 15 and / or 10 minutes, or less according to therapeutic criteria and evolution of the problem treated.

In case of not treating the gonads, but, for example, the hips, the gonads will be a few centimeters outside the point of vortex (about a hand). These are not very long exposures, as about 15 to 20 is fine if the patient is on his side and 15 maximum if is facing up. There may be some exciting effect - in males and females - and of course erective in males, which is normal. Sometimes it produces great relaxation, but we must consider that muscle toning does not leave everything very "soft" precisely, as there is also an optimization of the nervous tone. The gonads are of all glands, the most resistant to magnetic and electromagnetic changes of intensities close to the natural, while they are the most sensitive to radiations of electrical origin (the problem of the welders). The pyramid is - even in antipyramid - in 440 Hz of radiation, closely to the most ideal natural frequencies. If some bother sensation is obvious, reduce sessions to ten minutes.

Yes, you should remove the table or glass. The interference is small, does not change the quality of the effect at all, but the power is reduced. It is not possible to specify, but according to the practice and many therapists, around 25% loss of effect.

The metal ring, the lid, etc. of some bottles, or razors, do not affect at all. The Hygia model weighs almost ten kg, so that a few grams of ferromagnetic do not affect. The beer and soft drinks that come in aluminum cans can be treated perfectly, although sometimes there are some curious phenomena, such as loss of gas without explanation. This is because a part of that carbon dioxide can be decomposed and free oxygen atoms that can diffuse through the enamel and aluminum. This will only occur in a few cases and according to the molecular quality of the gas, the quality of the enamel and the structure of the aluminum, that a same quality is not always used in all the containers. In any case, it improves the taste of the soda, the beer, etc.

The greatest care must be taken with respect to the head, which, although normally done with a maximum of five minutes, should be suspended at the slightest indication of pain or heaviness. If this happens and do not pass the hassle in a few hours, you must get iodine tincture (in many pharmacies, herbal shops, etc.) and dissolve about 100 ml in a bucket of water, which is used for showering head). It is allowed to dry on its own and keep it on for an hour; then rinse in the shower. Is been enough to do it only once in all cases, to remove chronic migraines from days when they have used steel pyramids or excessive time in antipyramid in the head. In case of a bath, fill it and pour 300 ml of iodine tincture and bathe until the water cools. You also stay one hour before rinsing the body.
Piramicasa Gabriel Silva


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