We have the following proposals for those who wish to carry out highly profitable businesses without financial risk:

These centers consist of a pyramid complex suitable for high and medium level tourism, taking advantage of the extraordinary therapeutic benefits of the pyramid. International medical support is available. We are seeking investors with over three million euros of capital, independent (if possible,) with full availability to participate in business management and the realization of the projects. We have land with (Declaration of Community Interest).

2) URBANIZATIONS: Ecological urbanization for the most demanding.
It's a conventional real estate business, with high housing demand in constant growth.
We can offer the public a novelty that, in addition to having costs very similar or inferior to the traditional forms of construction, has therapeutic peculiarities from which many ailments can't thrive. The dissemination of the pyramidal theme - unfortunately distorted as has happened with all the important developments in history - has been maintained by Piramicasa with extreme care and seriousness, without exaggerations or "mystical delusions," with a strictly scientific basis. It's about to produce a commercial "boom" in which we are pioneers, both in the investigation from where the product developed and in its commercialization. The Pyramid House is the house of the future already in the present.

For our products in general. As an inflexible rule, no representative of Piramicasa may promote its own or other manufacturers' pyramid products. The quality of Piramicasa's products is not easy to match, and the high responsibility of manufacturing pyramids does not allow us to take risks of any kind.

Small and medium investments are required for our PILOT HOUSES and PYRAMIDBEDS.

A) The first step to represent Piramicasa is to be a client of our Scientific Advice and USE OUR PYRAMIDS. Experience indicates that you can't honestly sell something that you don't know, and in this case, with more reason. Only those who sleep or live in our pyramids, or at least use them regularly in therapy and see the effects on their patients, can speak consciously about our products. The therapeutic use in some cases doesn't imply full knowledge of the advantages, quality and other attributes of our pyramids, very different from other manufacturers with less trajectory, experience and scientific support. We have had professional sellers who considered our products very "marketable," but they have been disappointed. None managed to sell a single pyramid because they DON'T KNOW if they don't experience them in their own body and daily life. The same has happened to us with representatives in other languages. You can't sell this as if they were cars, because it's not something well known just yet. The same, no one can sell cars without the basic knowledge of mechanics and know how to drive, or at least a car to show. The only people that can sell our pyramids are those that, apart from getting enough information, understand what they are talking about because they have experienced it with their own body.

B) Own at least one Pyramidbed and for professional therapists with an office, a Hygia model with a stretcher to perform physical demonstrations.

C) Have an operational mobile phone during business hours, in case of advertising on your own, as well as to add it to our web contact section and, if applicable, in the Therapeutic Centers section.

D) Always refer the websites www.piramicasa.es and www.vitalpyramid.com in any advertising that you do on your side (these pages cannot be copied as your own, nor the texts and images, since articles and exclusive images are provided for each representative). A real act of intermediation is enough for the representative to be considered "the seller." Even if his or her subsequent assistance is not required for the competition of the sale, Piramicasa strictly respects the corresponding commissions.

E) The prices for the candidates to representatives do not have a discount on their first purchase unless it's included in the general offers.


You can achieve absolute national representation as a seller of our products by building as a pioneer a Revitalizing Pyramidal Tourist Center, in your own land anywhere in the world; it's like a hotel and not exclusively for the sick. In that order, the Therapeutic and Tourist Pyramid Center or Pyramid Geode Urbanizations can also be made (as detailed in point 2). A hotel is not the same as a hospital, but both business alternatives lack risks since they are basically real estate investments and services. The revenue is obtained both for the service sold and for the subsequent sale of pyramids that visitors will want for their homes. The first representative of National Exclusivity is Dr. Aurora Velázquez, in Nicaragua. In Canada, assigned nationally and in English to VitalPyramid. In large countries such as the USA, RUSSIA, MEXICO or BRAZIL, contracts for the construction of pyramid houses will be of State Exclusivity, not National. Still, any of our representatives can sell to the rest of the world where there is no national exclusivity, or if there is, with an agreement between the parties.

Piramicasa does not make contracts for production on partnership or any business partnership. The commercial association is always Piramicasa (producer) and Client (buyer). It does not include, in any case, the Property of the Intellectual Rights of Piramicasa being assigned to the investor or client.

We do not seek or accept financial speculators, neither loaners nor credits, but serious investors on real estate, hotels and or sanitary activities, willing to buy land, constructions and exploitation rights, as well as promoters committed to the ecology, in tune with the philosophy of a project of luxury urbanizations, which can be done in most countries of the world, thanks to the revolutionary "Pyramid House," with housing advantages of all kinds. We carry out all our business before a notary in the Business Room of our bank.