Its effects certified since 2005 and globally recognized. Thousands of people use our products. The quality and safety of our material, are guaranteed in writing.

The Pyramicrib is a pyramidal bed for young children, especially babies, who benefit from the pyramidal effect
as much as adults in the Pyramidbeds. A luxury cradle in different sizes.

As the pyramidbeds, these therapeutic cribs are made of aluminum of highest purity, can ensure both benign effects and the absence of undesirable ones. People who sleep in pyramids correctly manufactured and installed, decrease or cancel the risk of infection by the broadest known bacterial spectrum. Most children's diseases have no place in these apparently simple technology devices, which have scientific certifications.

Among other effects, it is the antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory), sedative, muscle relaxant and antioxidant, but without the risks of drugs and chemicals. It is a pyramidal crib that prevents infections and various diseases.


1) Structure of edges and perfect bases in aluminum of extreme metallic purity and with more silica. Pyramids 3 mm thick and 100 mm wing, with perfect angles (not just assembled pipes).

2) Parts and accessories of assembly, Basic Manual of Piramidology, Certificate of Guarantee, a manual riveter, all necessary rivets, compass, and four devices of orgonite.

The cradle for a newborn baby is calculated on a meter by the side, so that serves as a bed at least until he/she is two years old. The upper bars are easy to remove, but the baby can't remove them until reaching an age when can coordinate the necessary movement with enough force, which will be when they walk perfectly.

There is no risk of injuries because the aluminum edges are rounded like in the pyramid bed. In these pyramids, as in the wooden ones, is possible to stay as long as you wish. There is no risk of "excess energy" as some theorists propose without knowledge or experience. The measurements in Ub (bioenergetic units of Bovis) that the radiesthesists indicate as "very high," can only be dangerous in aluminum pyramids of poor quality and even more in those of iron or copper (any ferromagnetic or diamagnetic). But in our pyramids it is possible to stay as long as you want and the more so, the better. In fact, it could remain indefinitely, without suffering any collateral effect.

As in adults, the pyramid produces in children a series of improvements in the immune system, reinforcing it by molecular restructuring of all body matter, which logically includes DNA and the molecules and organelles of the stem cells responsible for producing each substance, each hormone, lipids, synovial fluids, etc.


While optimizing all physiological functions, the free radical sweeping and the bacteriostatic effect, generated by the impossibility of any putrefaction, makes unnecessary even the risks of vaccines, already widespread and reported by scientists around the world, despite the refusal to publish them, by the mass media controlled by economic interests.

Adults, old people, and children, even newborn babies, can benefit from the pyramidal effect. Although it's important to use pyramids as a healing element, due to the wide spectrum of illnesses against which it is effective, the most important thing is always the preventive use. A Pyramicrib is a gift for the baby that the child will not be able to appreciate until he grows up enough, but parents will appreciate important differences in a very short time.

The life of a child who sleeps in a pyramid from its earliest days will undoubtedly be different from the rest because his brain will not be attacked by all the components of the vaccines, of which the really responsible and conscious parents can be informed. After studying the subject for a couple of hours and drawing your own conclusions, understanding what is behind the vaccines, you will understand why Piramicasa has spent so much to impose these wonderful products, which after ten years of business work finally begin to spread massively.

As we manufacture to any size, we can make them so that they can be used by up to five or six years old kids, a little smaller than Pyramidbeds for adults, always adjusting to the sizes of the rooms.


The purchasing process described below is not fixed, but serves to get a general idea of how to acquire our products. It serves both for in-person installation and for air or ground shipments.


Once you have chosen the product and determined the data indicated above, you can Contact Us by email or call us at (514) 561 30 91, or if you are in Spain or Canada send us your phone number and we will call you for free.



We will contact you again to respond to your request and we will talk until everything is clear, you can send us photos of the room to suggest better color options, etc.

We determine the date of payment and the date of shipping or installation, depending on the case.


We can send you an email from the Paypal page, and pay with any authorized card, even if you do not have Paypal account. If you have it and pay with Paypal balance is much better because there are no transfer fees and it is instantaneous. If you do not have Paypal balance the transfer cost is 3.7% of the total. By other means such as bank transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union, the commissions are paid by the buyer. If you do not have Paypal account, we have plenty of reasons accumulated over ten years to recommend you get a Paypal Account.


Once the payment is made we will proceed to send or install the pyramids according to the agreed date.

You can always ask us about your pyramid, we will be happy to assist you


Currency changes are calculated on the day of the transfer, according to Paypal, which gives the official change in all currencies. So we give price in Euros but it is determined at official exchange in your country according to Paypal.

It is not possible to make financing or installments (even locally) except with the Inverse Credit system. (It is being paid in three, four or five installments, and on having finished the payment we proceed to send or install).

The total of the order is paid previously, including the shipping costs that the dispatcher gives us, according to agreements and it is sent in the terms that we agreed upon.

Shipments outside Europe, between manufacturing and shipping, take between ten and twenty days to reach the destination, which may be the nearest international airport. Door-to-door shipping is possible in most cases.

A normal Piramicama are two or three packages, according to destiny. The one of the beams of the base (1.8 m to 2.30 m of standard), another one 10 centimeters smaller with the beams of edge and a box that contains assemblies, tools, accessories, orgonites, etc.

Very rarely there is any delay. There are problems outside of Piramicasa®, such as airline or driver strikes, customs corruption in many countries, or general strikes in the countries of origin and destination, etc., totally foreign to our influence..

IMPORTANT (Piramicasa Foundation)

The amounts paid for our products are destined to the Pro-foundation Piramicasa that will have records and headquarters in several countries, included Peru, Argentina, Portugal and Spain. So that they are considered to be a necessary donation to continue the work of scientific investigation on current and historical applications of the pyramids, which no governmental entity finances out of Cuba, nor no university. The corresponding delivery notes are done on the brute cost of the raw material of the products. Gabriel Silva Director


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