Where a pyramid cannot function for magnetic reasons, NO ONE should stay or sleep. For those who do not even use pyramids, this test can end diseases caused by geobiological factors.

If you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. You indicate the exact address to us (to see it in the maps of isogonic and others) and the measurements of the room (length and width) and we do the checking for you. However, the check with the compass must be done by yourself, since the geopathic and local magnetic anomalies cannot be seen in the maps.

The first thing we must do is make sure that the Pyramidbed® (necessarily square base) fits in the bedroom, so we need to know its length, width, and orientation with respect to the magnetic North. Also, keep in mind that you can sleep head to the north (optimal), south (good) or east (good), but you should never sleep with your head to the west. A normal pyramid can fit anywhere well oriented, but assuming the worst case (45º deviation of the room, with respect to magnetic north) the necessary space will be 3.2 x 3.2 meters. For a Hercules model, the same thing happens. In an optical orientation it will occupy 2.4 x 2.4 meters but in the worst orientation it must have 3.5 x 3.5 meters of free space. Below is explained more.

But first of all, it is convenient to do a small geobiological prospecting function, which can be done by any person, without the need of knowledge of geobiology, for which only a compass is used. It consists of making sure that there are no important magnetic anomalies. If the compass marks to the North in all the points of the room (logically forming parallel lines in the reading), then there is no inconvenience whatsoever. Some small deviation somewhere is

normal, but a situation like the image shown below is not. You can "walk" around the room as indicated by the arrows or in any order, but methodically, reading at least nine points. The most expert in the use of the compass does not need anything else, but novices can use a chalk and mark on the floor, or make a sketch if the floor is delicate.


Always on the hand, never on the floor or on furniture that may have screws, nails or other metallic parts. It is held at the waist, chest or near the face, but avoiding buckles, collars or other metals. A minimum distance of half a meter to the walls and floor.

ALWAYS the physical compass is more reliable, the ones you can buy at any store. The best are those of Scion, dry. If they have liquid, without bubbles. DO NOT TRUST the compass of the mobiles, which go with the GPS and do not mark the Magnetic North, but the Geographic one.

If instead - as in this other image - we have a mess of readings where the compass marks different North in each place, we have a picture of magnetic anomalies that are always considered "geopathic", that is: "place of the earth that produces diseases". In 1300 cases (until June 2014) we have only encountered three of these geopathic. Two of them were solved by installing the Pyramidbed in another room, because in general, it is almost impossible for a pyramid to work under these conditions. In the other case the house was affected by intense geopaties and the pyramid could not be assembled there, and its occupants had to abandon it, since upon discovering this problem, the history of the place was ascertained: All the people who have lived in that place have fallen ill and even crazed in a few months. That is, you SHOULD NOT LIVE or at least you should not sleep in places where a compass gives abnormal readings. The majority correspond to nearby groundwater, to the metal structures of the building (which reinforce natural geopaties, etc.), or a combination of both. In other cases, the problem is combined with knots of the Hartmann and Curry networks, although these, if they are not very intense, do not usually affect the function of the pyramid.

There are some exceptions when, for example, the compass is only altered at a point in the room, close to a wall or a beam or a metal mass such as a radiant stove, in which case we will see if this anomaly is only at that point. In this case, the pyramid can function in the room, as long as it is not placed on that point, or if that anomaly is very small. Once we are sure that we can install it without risk of intense geopaties with magnetic anomaly included, we verify that the pyramid fits and we define the best size, design according to that and the measurements of the users (height and weight).


It is very rare to find a bedroom that is with one of its walls -especially the head of the bed- exactly to the North. But while the Pyramidbed fits, there are no aesthetic problems. On the contrary, the body thanks with health, when sleeps correctly oriented, regardless of the distribution of the environment, but also the aesthetic is innovative and in many cases the change of aesthetics has removed the user from the "square" mentality, with psychological benefit added.

This drawing is a typical case of orientation in apartment buildings, but there are also many houses where the orientation is not taken into account when building, or the planners drew the streets without taking into account this important factor.
To install a standard Pyramidbed of 2100 mm side (2.1 m), it is necessary in the worst case (orientation at 45 ° to the North), that the room has a minimum available space of 3.2 x 3.2 meters.

In this other example, we have an adaptation. The client wanted a pyramid somewhat larger than the standard but given the orientation, it was impossible. Once assured that there are no geopaties in the room and asked the height of the users, it turns out that he measures only 1.63 m and she 1.55 m, so that they do not really need a standard measurement and the measurement of 1915 mm resulted enough. The side of the PIRAMICAMA must always be 25 centimeters larger than the user's height, but we try in all cases to make the difference a little bigger, for more comfort.

In this other exemplary case, a pyramid of 2.1 meters does not fit, but if the user's height is less than 1.75 m. it is possible to install one of two meters. Without these simple conditions of orientation, we cannot expect a pyramid to work. We have had orders from customers who did not want the Pyramidbed for its effects, but for simple aesthetics, wishing that we install it where it cannot work. We absolutely refuse to install a Pyramidbed where it cannot function properly.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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