Pyramidbed = Technological device that Improves Health

There are several cases of people with serious kidney problems, from nephritis due to biological causes to operable lithiasis (kidney stones), who have completely overcome the ailment using our products.

But we will expose only the most shocking for us, an unofficial case of a patient - already fully recovered - who suffered from kidney problems that worsened to the point that she spent two years in hemodialysis treatment. A family member was fully compatible to be a donor and A.D.S. received a kidney transplant. A few months later, she was stuck with drugs that prevent rejection (immunosuppressants), so with the immune system atrophied, she had to take a lot of antibiotics so that she would not be killed by flu or any bacterial infection, no matter how small. Her chances of life were very scarce, due to the general organic deterioration. The drugs (both immunosuppressants and antibiotics) had damaged her stomach, despite the stomach protectors she was taking. The effect of the last one was counterproductive in the functions of her "new kidney", but in addition, it was affecting severely her liver, for which she had to take more medicines. So a medicine required others to palliate effects in a chain that was being unsustainable, leading to a DOM (dysfunction organic multiple). Many of the drugs were not covered by social security, so the economy of the whole family also was falling apart.

In 2002 we put a pyramid, thinking that at least it would make antibiotics unnecessary, thanks to its infallible bacteriostatic effect. So if we cut that problem, she would not need to continue with the stomach protectors either and possibly the immunosuppressants would be enough to sustain her. The day we installed her Pyramidbed (with several aesthetic defects, because then we were only interested in what was functional), we could see a whole pharmacy in her closet. More than twenty medications, taken on the administration list for only one person. It made us very sad. We had clarified that then we were not sure of anything, that we could only guarantee the antibacterial effect, as well as the rheumatic and degenerative effects in which we already had many experiences and all, were successful.

But a post-operative case of a grafted kidney was something very different. We also warned her that we did not know how the pyramid could affect the kidneys, which could stimulate her immune system, producing an antagonism with the immunosuppressants and causing a fatal rejection. Her answer was blunt: "I can only try the pyramid because yesterday the doctor told me that just as I am, my chances of life are minimal".

She asked us for an absolute reservation of her case and she wanted someone to remove the pyramid from our workshop because she did not want to give us a telephone number, name, address or any other information other than the description of her state. We talked at length through her phone in "hidden number" mode, but I had to convince her that we should personally install the pyramid, make sure it worked, for better or for worse. She agreed to give us only the address and we went to her house on the agreed day. She asked us not to call her to follow up because she would not give us any information.

However, two months later she called me to ask if it was normal for her to feel kidney pain using the pyramid. Those who were supposedly dead (and luckily they had not removed). After asking her about her condition, she only told me that she was much better, that she had decreased the consumption of antibiotics and other drugs, but she had discussions with her relatives about the "madness of going to sleep in a pyramid". I could not know at that time what the doctors said, but I told her that the pyramid was possibly reactivating her own kidneys, clarifying that it was only a theory and I recommended her to go to another country to get her first urine and blood tests, as complete as possible. And after that, go to another clinic, also abroad, to get X-rays, a general check-up, etc. Even if it were expensive, it would be safer and more impartial.

After a few more months, she called me to ask if the pyramid could be useful in another problem of a relative, but was reluctant to give me data of her own, so after a long talk, she let me know that she was much better, more than good, that her three kidneys worked perfectly and that the pyramid had changed her life, but that she feared her case would be made public. By explaining our views and guaranteeing the most stringent and inviolable privacy policy that we have been applying and that will never change, she was encouraged to tell me more details.

Piramicama Hercules, ideal for serious diseases

We can not count on her testimony with data and comparative analysis for two reasons that she presented us with clarity: The first is that she fears the doctors, because even though they "saved her life", when she made some comments on the alternative therapies and ask to one of them if that of the pyramids had any foundation, noticed very hostile attitudes, both to the subject and to herself. Her relative does not want his kidney returned in any way and have joked a lot about it, but they do not want to appear on the news as "weirdoes". The second issue is that she gets a state pay that it would lose if she appears as cured of her problem. With that payment they are alleviating the economic disaster caused by two years of treatments and dialysis (which in part was paid by the State but not all expenses), analysis and therapies that did not cover social security and then a transplant operation that almost left them on the street. Many years will pass before that miserable pay for disability pays back the money spent on such a deficient medicine, but that's the way things are.

We know that kidney transplants (or any transplant) save thousands of lives every year, but we also know that most could be avoided by just sleeping in a properly constructed and installed pyramid. A good part of these transplants are done through an illegal market, but many more times, unethical in everything. Although there are not thousands treated with pyramids for kidneys, as in rheumatic, degenerative or bacterial infections, there are at least enough cases of operations avoided in patients diagnosed with lithiasis, nephritis of bacterial and / or functional etiology, such as to be able to ensure that not only positive results are achieved in many ways, but that there is no inconvenience in the case of transplanted organs, with post-operative being much safer.

Another less spectacular case, but where the kidneys were removed from the patient, has given the same result. In a few months, the rejection symptoms disappeared and the doctors themselves stopped all medication. So to the doctors who read this, we recommend not performing the nephrectomy, because even if it is only one case so far, it is a "one to zero" against the total dysfunctionality from the orthodox point of view (and even more so against the medic-marketer criteria).

The Perfect Pyramid cancels the risk of infection, so even in cases of acute infectious nephritis (unless you do not have time to prepare a pyramid), nephrectomy can be avoided, giving the possibility of full recovery of the kidneys. It would be long to detail in this article the action of the pyramid as a general homeostatic regulator, not only because of the most directly known effects of the pyramid (antioxidant, bacteriostatic, antilithic, etc.), but also because of its capacity -fund effect- to restructure the molecules and not just the water ones. In the case of the kidneys, partial homeostasis (in this case molecular homeostasis) is regulated both directly (by molecular restructuring itself), and by its regulatory incidence in the endocrine system, which allows the body to play with advantage on optimizing the fosfatoninas - or any other molecule or molecular compound-, optimizing the metabolism of the phosphorus...

Anyway, we finish here this article to not enter fully into what would take us to orthomolecular medicine and quantum medicine. In this case, pyramid therapy is almost a Panacea, which we first discovered empirically, but then we investigate in physics and chemistry, discovering that it is also a perfect and sustainable form (without risk for integral or partial homeostasis) of biomagnetism or biomagnetic pair. A simple, risk-free therapy, which covers a multitude of medical and other types of applications, relatively cheap, although for now it is not subsidized by Social Security in capitalist states. Hospitals in the very near future, or at least their beds, will be pyramidal, but current users will rarely have to be in a hospital, except in cases of accidents.

Organs transplanted in relation to the pyramidal effect

In Cuba, almost all hospitals in the country use pyramids only in their antipyramid form (the bottom part) because making them large with the impure aluminum they have, it is risky to stay inside for many hours. Ours, on the other hand, have this guarantee.

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