Pyramidotherapy may not be the absolute Panacea ... But it's the closest thing to it. There is an effective treatment for sclerosis and fibromyalgia but there are important interests that prevent this knowledge from becoming widespread and reaching those affected.

To say today to those affected, that multiple sclerosis is incurable, is - like many things in mercantilist medicine - an unjust sentence, an attack against science and against humanity. One fact (several times already repeated in all patients treated) is something undeniable, an evidence that can not be silenced with a thousand theories. Incredibly, there are forums of assumptions affected by multiple sclerosis, who refuse to post our messages and comments on using pyramids to successfully treat and ultimately cure their ailment. We ask ourselves if those forums are elaborated and administered by the "Pharmafia" or is that people like to be so sick, that refuses to accept even the possibility of an effective cure. Do not fall into paranoia, but ...

Pyramidbed Hercules, the best for fibromyalgia.

How is it possible for the sick to trust more in those who say that there "is no cure", than in those who have shown concrete results?

We are not who to determine to what extent people "deserve" to be ill, as some mystical philosophies propose, but before the answers of some affected assumptions, the questions unfailingly arise. We understand that multiple sclerosis or ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or any similar symptom is a physical problem, but we wonder what level of incidence has in the brain, as to produce the psychological aberration to rely on the medicine that evicts them, instead of trusting or at least investigating where it offers them possibilities. And this, of course, is not at all applicable to the families of those affected ... In Cuba, and several years ago, Julio Rego, (we talked about him in relation to its complication more than multiple, because in addition to sclerosis suffered various forms of rheumatism), was condemned to a wheelchair for what he had left of life and spent two years in that "almost agony." He did not resign himself to his illness or to continue living in the wheelchair. He was not willing to accept the disease. To him that seemed an aberration to remain in resignation and as a good Cuban: warrior, fighter, worthy heir of the Hispanic line that holds "dead, rather than slave", decided to try all alternatives, no matter how far-fetched they seem.

He realized that his case was not like many people with multiple sclerosis, who "want to be sick" (unfortunately the case of many people and many of them in Europe and the USA are kept so as not to lose a state's pay), and that possibly his case would be by genetic inheritance, by organic dysfunction produced by his work, or any other variant. But he was determined to heal himself, to escape from his wheelchair, to live again as a normal person. Now he not only lives with total normality, but is also trying - with support, monitoring and checking of several doctors - many other patients with multiple sclerosis and advanced rheumatic problems, achieving the same results he achieved with himself. And you have to keep in mind that his pyramid has a very high iron content (in Cuba they do not have the aluminum that we have in Spain) so you can not sleep in a pyramid with that material.

However, disciplined and limited sessions to what doctors like Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas, Daniel Sayas, Carlos Delgado and other comrades with decades of experience and thousands of patients treated, allowed Julio to recover not only his mobility, but to save his life and to help others overcome multiple sclerosis, instead of remaining in resignation "... for what they have left of life." We can not live thinking that we can die, but we must live with plans and projects until the last day of our lives. Maybe that's what makes some people find a way to get rid of those scourges. On other issues related to pyramids, pyramidal energy, pyramid-therapy and pyramid-effect applications. With patience, do not pretend to learn about the subject, what Gabriel Silva has learned in almost four decades of research, providing all his economic resources for some years, or most of them for the rest of the time.

If you want to be clear about the most basic questions about the uses of pyramids and pyramidal energy, read the FAQ.

Of course, with this you will hardly know what pyramidal energy is needed to make the most of it as a user, but if you want to know more deeply, how to make pyramids, you must know that the manufacture of pyramids requires to know about this discipline a series of technical and scientific, so as not to make mistakes that will lead to an unfortunate loss of money. That is why Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas and Gabriel Silva have written these books and continue to write about their many years of research, adding the advances made by the Osiris Group.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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