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1. General:
PIRAMICASA™ keeps the smaller amount from possible data of its clients in archives of best security, codings and outside the computers that are connected to Internet, outside also of the addresses of offices, personal factories and addresses. The images that appear in Web are of users who are it authorized and their data are not provided. The only way of direct bonding but anonymous between users is the moderate forum of PIRAMICASA de Google Groups. (To see more down, but is spanish forum). The particular addresses of our clients are only known by the installers, unfailingly directors and/or partners of PIRAMICASA™, authorizing the work of employees solely with agreement of the client.

2. Therapies: The data provided by patients dealt with piramidal therapy, like the intervening doctors and therapists in any country, will be only exposed how, when and before whom such therefore they ask for it or they authorize.

3. PIRAMICASA™ is a company dedicated to the investigation, therapeutic, preventive and/or curative pyramids manufacture, sale and installation, according to low medical recommendation and the protocols of security established by Medicine the National Scientific Council of La Havana and other medical institutions, as well as with the advising of doctors and therapists of diverse countries with long experience in its application. Therefore PIRAMICASA is not a sanitary center nor acts like so.

4. Our products are elaborated respecting the norms and homologations of materials for the European Community, that are acquired in Spain and other countries. The artists who only elaborate accessory works of art of Piramicamas® (Pyramidbed®) VIP will know the final clients when these authorize their contact or reference, acting in their PIRAMICASA™ defect like only intermediate contact, with capacity to certify as it is necessary the originality and responsibility of contracted works.

5. This website uses Google services and follows the policy established for Internet cookies.