Luxury Bed - Pyramd Bed luxurious


Pyramid bed
have such effects
that anyone of our pyramids,
but the high aesthetic quality it only
is within reach of the most demanding innovators,
persons with high and complete integrator spirituality
than they know to value and to assign priorities and they know better
than nobody than ALL WE PASSED the THIRD PART OF the LIFE IN the BED
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Luxor Atrium Models ( Aluminium, wood and derivative products)

LUXOR ATRIUM, being economic of this family of luxury, he is most recommendable for those who is not customary to take care of too much the delicate things or has very naughty childrens. Papering is easily replacable, since we stored backups of the designs, being able to recover partially total or in case of rayons, which does not happen with some parts of the other models. Price: It depends on the design that is tried, but rarely reaches the 8,500 €.
Price of the budget and rough draft of the design: 500 €

Luxor Ka Models (Aluminium of haigh puriry, crystals, noble wood carved or vinilic paper or authentic papyrus)


These models are really very special as far as effects, Structure is completely of aluminium. It can become in some slight tones, according to the norms of the cromotherapy and the stonetherapy, adapted each person. The decoration of the wood (teka, rivets, petiribí or others of similar quality) becomes after a careful election on the part of the user, to whom we helped by means of test special. Artists well-known or strangers can be carved by, which affects the price. He is specially recomedable for people with tendency to the spiritual thing, medical instructors of the Tantra and specially (nonexcluding) for the vegetarians. The vibration of the quartz and the symbolisms elaborated in the wood act with effects that only the users will be able to verify by themselves.
Price: Variable according to materials and design. Contact for dwells details, but can reach the 37,000 €
Price of the budget and rough draft of the design: 2.400 €

Luxor Bah Models ( Quartz, noble wood carved and works of goldsmiths)


The structure can become of aluminum or quartz, according to the vibrationals characteristics of the user, but they are the only models that can include wood in the functional structure (piramidal itself). It is defined after a personal test. The structure of tatami in those cases does not take to wood but granite, stony marble or other materials. If there is no wood in the piramidal structure, tatami can become of carved, painted, with vitrales, laminated wood in gold, fine works of orfebrería, etc. Price: As it happens with the Luxor, with the exception of the Atrium, depends on the materials and the artists chosen for the elaboration. Price of the budget and rough draft of the design: 5.200 €

Luxor Lah Models( Quartz, noble wood carved and works of goldsmiths, precious stone, marble, granite, etc.)


It is the most special and excluding range of our work. Not only by the price and the work in if, but because it is not sold to any person, by important, powerful, social and politically influential that is. Not only conventional psychological test becomes, but that stay the conversations necessary to assure to us that this model arrives at certain human rank. Our clients are demanding all, but also PIRAMICASA has its exigencies, as much by the product that we offered like by the philosophy that has taken to us to found the Company. The piramidal structure will be normally in fused quartz, unless the geobiologic test by organic questions and of the site it indicates aluminum convenience for the user. In the elaboration of the piramidal structure precious stones in certain amount can take part, specially it makes shine like diamonds and whatever it does not contain iron nor receives in its composition. These can be inserted according to designs of type Hailstone Baritoff (designs and sculptures in jade formed by precious stone insertion and/or semiprecious). Tatami will be in all the cases agreed to the design of the structure of the pyramid and the site. This part gives rise to the amplest creativity. Our associated artits is Mahfoud, for sculpture in wood and metal: See this artist
Price: Impossible to approximate before the final design.
Price of the budget and rough draft of the design: 12.800 €


1.- Measures, decoration and material of the functional structure:
Special Aluminium hardened with silica, without iron nor copper or tin.
The variety of styles of the designs and painting includes everything what the human imagination can create in wide of angle of 100 millimeters, with the limitations an apparatus that must conserve its paramagnetic quality to serve with multiple benefits and without risks. We can use paintings and very diverse special paperings, including gilded and silverplated, but we cannot make pyramids of gold for human use nor covered heavy. The gold is diamagnetic, nonparagnetic, but in addition, other vibrational and geobiologics characteristics, make for the use in Pyramid beds inadequate. However, we can apply painting golden without copper addition, that in addition to being something finer than the gilded one to the leaf has paramagnetic components, compatible with the piramidal function. The measures can be from the 1.8 meters of side (for children) to 2.4 meters for adults.

2.- Anyone of the models is only contracted definitively after a careful geobiologic study of the place where it will settle.
3.- Decoration and material of tatami (the bed itself): One is made up of very diverse materials, variable in each model and geobiologic convenience according to the site where one settles.

ACCORDING TO THE DESIGN: In the models Luxor Atrium we use special, resistant and lavable papering, as much for the part of aluminum like for the wood, in which the design graphical that our clients send to us or those can be made who leave to the imagination of our creative ones on Egyptian subjects, Mayan, Inka, Chinese or of strictly personal tastes. Tatami is made up of special marine board, with cover of melanine in the seats (to the flank of somier) and on he himself it is papered in accordance with the design of the lateral ones.


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