In this section we refer almost exclusively to the pyramids we sleep in.

See scientific certifications about effects of the pyramids.

1) What are the pyramids?

2) Who can use it? Is it uncomfortable ? Used for ...?

3) Are there any contraindications? What about pregnant women?

4) Can there be power surge with pyramids?

5) If there is anti-pyramid shape, what about the neighbors downstairs?

6) What are the effects and uses of pyramids paranormal?

7) How many people can sleep or live in pyramids today?

8) Is it a pyramid right in my bedroom?

9) Why are pyramid beds not sold in stores?

10) What effects are felt within a pyramid?

10) What decoration is suitable?

1) What is their use?

There are four basic points of utility. Healthy people can use it to conserve themselves better with an anti-aging effect (anti-oldness), with special variations for ill people who demand a more intense treatment.
a) Therapeutic: The main use for its effects: Antioxidant, Muscle relaxant, Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti rheumatic and sedative.

* Rheumatic diseases of any etiology are ahead in the results, because although thousands have been treated cases, all have been successful. But the prevention of many other bacterial diseases, stones and all related malformations of organic liquids, are important palliative or completely overcome, as the patient's condition and the etiology of the disease. It has also had unprecedented success in fibromyalgia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis.

* Increases the immune role in all human bodies, animals and plants.

* It regulates the endocrine system; no experience from major corrections immune problems related to disappearance of the same disease.

* Wounds heal faster and reduces or cancels bacteriostatic power as appropriate, the risk of infection.

What does the user sleeps or lives in a pyramid, is to stay healthy, vital, relaxed and energetically balanced. Other biological effects contribute to improve and prolong cell life and consequently the life of any person, animal or plant.

b) Bio-regulator and conservative: Seeds of any plant, his plantains and almácigos will be reinforced vitally, arriving at 30% from increase in size and quality in some species and with important resistance before the plagues. The germinative power stays indefinite in the pyramid and lasts more time once removed from her the seeds. Nothing rots within a perfect pyramid, constructed and installed well, although the processes of ordered digestion (internal animals) are not interfered, since the bacteria that compose it are SYMBIOTIC.

c) Analgesic, and other properties, also in the ant-pyramid use (the field located under the plane of the base), but this modality of use corresponds only to therapists with experience, because it is an effect similar to the magnet-therapy. See pyramid and anti-pyramid. In the pyramid-beds the anti-pyramidal effect is not used, but that it is remained in the interior and never underneath.See pyramid and anti-pyramid.

d) Energizer, relaxes and physic regulator: These effects have subjective slopes that are only explained as the person is noticing the effects. To speak before of it, is to induce to theoretical, pseudo esoteric speculations and false mystical expectations. There is not "magic effects” outside the Nature, because nothing escapes to the Natural Laws. The psychic effects are the normal ones of a brain that work physiologically well and in conditions for extending and for developing their potentialities.

2) Who can use it? Is it uncomfortable? Used for...?

Any person can use a pyramid. A fear of the unknown is why many people still have reserves on the matter. They suffer diseases that could be avoided and prefer to believe in “the pill” or the saints… The idea crushed until the satiety by the academic dictatorship , of which they were supposedly “great Egyptian tombs”, Mayan, etc., no longer convinces thinking people and cultured, because it is understood that they were never tombs .

We use furnaces of microwaves, movable telephones, computers and television sets, without raising to us if we can or not be able to use those things that yes are dangerous and injurious for the health.
Many problems caused by these sources of non ionizing magnetic fields, are attenuated or neutralized in their effects for those people who sleep in pyramids, when taking place a species of chemical decontamination of radiations. There is no age limit for use pyramid. Does not exist risk for children, old adults nor. The healthy people can use them to conserve the health and the patients start up a therapeutic process.
With respect to the comfort, there are no complaints. There are not sensation of oppression nor claustrophobic. There are protective sensation. Although the sensation is subjective, but the cause is real, because there are a protective effect against geopathic effects and slight radiations, as well as against internal organic factors (like the bacteriostatic action, that the reproduction of saprophytes and/or parasitic bacterium prevents). Half of the received questions almost is: Can I practiced well sex in a Pyramid-bed?. It seems a trivial question, but it deserves answer: The structure, like tatami, is very resistant and signs, so several “acrobatics” can be done. Other people suppose that they can replace viagra of the sort and other drugs, but although the pyramid does not have those effects of direct way (neither its contraindications nor their indirect effect), which does is to restore general the organic balance and to induce to certain cathartic processes in the psychological thing, with which many problems of sexual relation can have solution (indirect, but definitive)

3) Do they have any contraindications? Can pregnant women use them?

Only one contrindication: The ingestion of alcohol or psycho entropic and barbiturates medicines from two hours before entering the pyramid, so that the effects are harnessed. If much has eaten, is preferable to put the head to the South (valid when sleep or not in a pyramid). But alcohol has drunk, is better to wait in the sofa until that are metabolized. The users who depended on medication to be able to sleep, have been able to do without her from the first night. It's not recommendable either which a person uses with fear a pyramid, just as is not advisable to do it in an elevator if claustrophobia is had. Some will be no physical damage, but a negative magnification (only psychological) of the effects. The pregnant women do not have any disadvantage for them like for the babies. The effects are absolutely benign. An amniotic liquid molecularly improved in its water composition is the perfect means for the development of the boy. The pregnant women who have entered Great Pyramids of Giza, whose power still lasts as much or more than a Pyramid, have not had inconvenient.

4) Can there be any energy overload in the Pyramid?

Only one when is made pyramids with inadequate materials, ferromagnetic or diamagnetic, as iron, steel, zinc, copper, brass, etc. In pyramids of aluminum hardened to the silica or wood, although very high rates of energy are reached, the vibratory quality of this one will determine excellent effects. A pyramid correctly constructed and installed can produce strange sensations at the outset, to an extremely sensible person, when the body experiences it for the first time, but such peculiarity will be product of conditional a psychological and/or cerebral interpretation, that very quickly changes when assuming the body the benefits that receive. Those peculiarities are clarity and memory of the dreams, deep relaxation of the body but calm and clear mind, etc. In hours - or at the most days, all person is accustomed to the piramidal action and lets feel the immediate effects. However, the long term effects (cellular longevity, endocrine balance, strength of the immunity system, regulation of the sanguineous tension, etc.) will persist. More information on this subject in GEOBIOLOGY and PYRAMIDS (Spanish)

5) If there are anti-pyramid forms, what happens with the neighbors below?

In the normal floors it does not get to form so that the structure of the buildings takes much iron, that prevents the magnetic accumulation necessary to form the anti-pyramid. That material leads to earth heavy ions homeless by the pyramid and disperses the field anti-pyramidal without effects for anybody. It is only necessary to study with well-taken care of the location to avoid the anti-pyramid formation in the wood houses, but even so, the most habitual measures of the Pyramid bed are of 1.33 meters of height, plus tatami (about 163 centimeters altogether), so that the anti-pyramid the inhabitable height of the inferior floors usually does not have left, but a little above.

6) Which are their effects and their paranormal uses?

The pyramid is not a “paranormal instrument ”, but is a wonderful and simple GEOBIOLOGIC APPARATUS that works taking advantage of telluric electromagnetism, the Earth's magnetic field. Their effects are caused by a set of PHYSICAL PHENOMENA, like which they acorn with an antenna.
¿ Is a “paranormal instrument” an aluminum structure that catches a hertzian waves and transmits it to the television set?. Some paranormal experiences (in rare people prone to them) take place in the pyramid only by the fact that the brain is in better biological conditions, physiological and functional to show their natural potentialities.
A student simply will find greater capacity of concentration and retention of which the studies. Somebody that works very hard, or landlady - that works generally more than the man, exerting of cook, launderer, decorator, plumber, educator and several offices plus every day, will find in a Pyramid-bed a rest much greater than in a normal bed. Their dreams will be clearer and easy to remember in the last hours of rest, because the muscular relaxation will be deeper and the remarkable mental clarity. But this greater “oníric conscience” is a simple product of the best organic functionality, not because of mysterious paranormal properties. The people who practice meditations, radio esthetic induction or any psychic practice, must do it in the last hours of use, that is when awaking. If they try it when lying down, most probable she is than the relative effect them will leave slept before beginning the practice. Remember that those that undergo upheavals of the dream usually sleep “like trunks” from the first night, so those that they do not have those problems, with more reason they fall asleep fast and deeply. The mental practices, the studies, etc., after a rest of eight hours in the pyramid, will count not only on a relaxed affluent body, but also on a wide-awake brain and the clear mind.

7) How many people can sleep or live in pyramids at the moment?

Many more people of those than dare to confess it. Vital Pyramid cannot absolutely give to data without express consent of the clients, respecting the privacy of such. In order to contact with these people, it only can be made by means of the Moderate List of Mail of Google Groups. The members of the list that not yet have their pyramid receive special discounts. In the West - that we know are forty families who live in piramidal houses (without counting those that have life rent in U.S.A. the Luxor hotels). In China there are many more, because villages formed with piramidal houses of ingenious construction and perfect direction exist. In Spain there are - to 2012 principles - 1480 people that sleep in pyramidal beds, but we only can give reference of which voluntarily they are offered to it.See any Pyramid sleepers and Therapys

8) Will it fit well in my bedroom?

It is very rare to find oriented so small and bad a dormitory that a Pyramid bed does not fit. In the case of the image, still to 45º with respect to the north, it fits and it opens the way just. “Disorientation” with respect to the walls does not produce un confort, but all the opposite. The body feels far better with the correct cardinal direction. Remember that we can make smaller and greater measures, that is from 190 to 250 centimeters for marriage and to of 150 cm. of side for children.


9) Why are pyramid beds not sold in all the stores?

Although there are hundreds of medical professionals and scientific who have been working in the subject for decades, this it is a product of recent exhibition in the market, still receives attacks on the part of “skeptical” assumptions that they sleep its consciences with theories without making experiment some. Soon will be our pyramids in exhibition in the specialized stores at rest. Our present prices seem a little high for much people, specially because they still cannot, to value the benefits correctly nor is to them easy to understand that it is not a product “cheap”. The extruded aluminum angles have required special dies and moulds, so that they leave all the standards of the market. Also the installation, that we made carefully, is something that cannot make any person without a suitable learning. A pyramid badly oriented does not have any risk, but it would be a money waste. It is necessary to make a basic geobiologic prospection for guarantee the client who the pyramid is going to work and to satisfy its expectations, but, are very few people with sufficient knowledge. We hoped that next there is more people doing geobiology courses, to count on reliable personnel and to be able to extend horizons as far as sales and installation.

10) What effects are felt within a pyramid?

It depends on the organic status of each person and sometimes psychological conditions. A healthy person will not feel much in the short term, unless a greater muscle relaxation, usually from the first night, because our pyramids are calculated to produce the effects smoothly and the most important long term.
Some people-very few, one in 300 aprox.- have taken months to begin to feel the relaxation due to his chronic nervous disorders, mental hyperactivity, muscle chronic poisoning, vitamin deficiencies and other factors that are correcting over weeks or months. People suffering from rheumatism of various kinds, and other degenerative sclerosis, various intoxications, etc., begin to feel a few days, or worsening syndromes therapeutic "healing crisis." Usually, no more annoying and painful than the disease processes themselves, but observed gradually improved relapse. People with chronic rheumatism should sleep in Hercules models, which are about four times more potent than normal, in order to accelerate treatment by reducing it to a few months or years for a cure of pyramid bed. In normal healing crisis pyramid beds chronic rheumatism are more intense and long.

The bacteriostatic effect is not noticeable at all, but is very powerful, so you may just realize that year after year have no flu and any infections or diseases of bacterial etiology. The wounds will heal rapidly and does not leave scars ever, provided that they are treated properly. The cell regeneration process accelerates and makes free from infection.

That few people have not felt anything special, does not mean that the effects are not. After more than a decade, from 2001 to Vital pyramid started making them, reports indicate that no user has any bacterial disease contracted, or flu, or infections, or have contracted the medium and been cured within hours or days without antibiotics or anti-inflammatories.
Some people have suffered sprains, dislocations and other serious articular disorders, and that's where most clearly have noted that their bodies have been recovered in record time with virtually no medical aid, or in severe cases with normal relief but having an exceptionally fast recovery.

Anyway, we clarify that nobody becomes Superman with pyramid ... We recommend that in case of accidents as well, recourse to the doctor, conventional treatment is followed, except plaster, that is inappropriate in a body "I analyzed” unless the case of fracture or breakage, in which case the plaster is needed to ensure the immobility. Burns will not leave scars, provided that the normal medical treatment is made.

11) What decoration is suitable?

The pyramid is an archetype, very old element and simultaneously very modern. For that reason the Pyramid-bed is decorative in itself and it is only possible to fit to measures and colors (we even can paint aluminum simulating the color of the wood). The furniture "tatami" (to size and assembled with the piramidal structure), as well as the aluminum, can be painted according to election of the client, in the range of existing colors in the market. See our Pyramids.


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