Vital Pyramid (Piramicasa)

Vital Pyramid Miguel Escotto LET'S TALK: If you have a specific project or if you have any comments or questions, we will gladly attend your concerns.

NOTE: The initial contact will always be by email to keep a record. We'll never share your Personal Information with anyone. However, you can always call (514)561 3091 and leave a clear message.

If you wish to buy a Pyramidbed or a Hercules, make sure it will fit well oriented to the magnetic north using a dry compass, not a GPS. We can't sell something that won't work. The same goes if you are planing to buy a Bungalow or a Pyramidhouse, you have to make sure it will fit on your land.

Thanks for your interest in our work. Miguel Escotto and Piramicasa's Team

Piramicasa's Professional Team and the Osiris Group neither have relation nor propitiate mystical matters nor prophetic, religious, political or pseudo esoteric.
Our aims are purely scientific and to the margin of the activities or the particular beliefs of its executives, partners and clients.