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Eny previous endorsement to the most important resolution
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Consejo Científico Provincial de Camagüey

Ministerio de Salud Pública
Vicedirección de Asistencia
Médica de Camagüey

Dirección Provincial de Salud
Vicedirección de Medicamentos

Hospital Provincial
"Manuel Domenech"

Grupo Provincial de Ortopedia y Traumatología

Delegación Provincial

Instituto Superior de
Ciencias Médicas
"Carlos J. Finlay"

Complejo Científico
"Frank Pais"

Cátedra de Medicina
Natural de Camagüey

Hospital Militar Docente
Servicio MNT

Hospital Militar Docente
Servicio de Ortopedia y

Certificación Notarial
de legitimidad de

There are more endorsement, but it is sufficient so that false the skeptics begin to shut up and the true skeptics begin to experience. We wished to encourage to doctors, therapists and investigators worldwide to take in serious the Pyramids... And to participate in this scientific revolution that the Humanity needs.

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Medical friends, therapists, sportsmen, patients and every public:
I have enormously pleases to communicate this important news to them: The Cuban doctor Dr.Ulises Sosa Salinas has received the official notice of National Center of Natural and Traditional Scientific Medicine Council of La Havana, of his acceptance of the piramidotherapy, recommending itself this one for all the official sanitary organisms, under the standards set by this prestigious clinical one and ortopedista, whose previous tests of five years and soon a work of ten years in piramidals applications in primary attendance and clinical orthopedic, have been guaranteed previously by a dozen of general, educational, civilian and military hospitals.

These dispositions suppose a fort endorsement to the piramidotherapy, every time our scientific equipment begins to incorporate Spanish doctors and therapists, some of which are knowing this subject in courses in Cuba, in modality Pyramid (inner) and Antipirámide (under the plane of the base). The piramidotherapy and the preventive use of pyramids to sleep are causing an important world-wide impact, so that we already have colleagues (piramidologists, medical and therapists) in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, México, Germany, Belgium, Rumania and Russia.
In addition, their investigations have been taken care of and completed by tens of veterinary doctors, engineer agriculturists and beekeepers, with successes without precedents in many vegetal affections, human animals and, some of which are considered “incurables” by the alopatic and quimiologic medicine.

The results haved are excellent in ailments rheumatic in general with unbelievable corrections (of that I can give guarantee by own experiences), fibromialgy, estomatologics, asthma, sinusitis, cronical migraine, upheavals of the dream, hypertension, bacterial infections, etc., reason why the Scientific Council has recommended to extend the investigations to all the other pathologies that could be treatable with pyramids. In little more of time, the preventive pyramid use like before these and other diseases, will be the modality more used in the diverse groups of risk and people whom it loves to follow healthy.

Another subject of great importance, has been the success achieved by combined pyramid therapy with peloides (curatives muds), magnetotherapy, mechanical rehabilitation, reflexology, digitopunture, Flowers of Bach, etc., having itself not found in no case therapeutic incompatibilities, with the single exception of the consumption of corticoids and steroids, that slow down the piramidotherapys processes. This is because the piramidales effects (easily verifiable by any person) are not destructive and come from quantum corrections and molecular reconstructions in the matter..

Perhaps it is not a “panacea”, but the results obtained until now show to us that we are before most similar than can have. The psychic and/or psychological effects, from the mio-relaxative effect, the endocrin regulation and other biological corrections, are not less important for the therapists, that they are able to accelerate cathartic processes with greater tranquillity in the patients.
The next investigative step will be on patients with cancer, since although we are optimistic according to which we know on the causes of the effects, we do not have still no case of cancer dealt with pyramids. I cannot so far disclose the existing documentation, since we have elaborated a heavy book, whose material cannot be published before it makes the publishing house. In this book, not only they are the technical explanations from the physical, originating point of view of the investigations of 1º and 2º Scientific Group Osiris, but also the statistical protocol developed by the Cuban professionals and all the documentation of which already I have legalized copies.
The therapists and “pyramidsleepers”, know that pyramid have now the more hard scientific guarantee and endorsement in Cuba than we can try, since the Scientific Council is made up of very skeptical and objective people.

" La Revolución Terapéutica de las Pirámides " (Gabriel Silva & Ulises Sosa Salinas),
" Tecnología Sagrada de las Pirámides " (spanish)

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