Researchers of Pyramids since 1973, Builder of pyramid since 2001

In modern homes have not problem because the iron. Do not produce Anti-Pyramd.
Only is need caution with sizes in wood homes.


(The interior of the material pyramid)
( Under of square of base)
1) Wipe out the free radicals. 1) It receives the free-radicals and it accumulates them.
2) Heap neutrines 2) It does not accumulate neutrines, but the water molecules do it later.
3) It desydrates. 3) It desydrates too.
4) Bacteriostatic selective (It prevents the proliferation of parásit and saprofit bacterias). 4) She is bactericidal nonselective (all bacterium kills, even the symbiotic ones).
5) Active all ordenates organic process but prevents the entropics process. There are not decay, but there are perfect digestion. 5) It activates some biological processes and it slows down others. Also it prevents the rotting.
6) You can stay full time in the interior. While more, as much better. 6) Applications only can become short, with small pyramids.
7) Its effect is slow and gradual, depending on the materials. She is not analgesic and the pain only disappears as it sends the ailment.
7) More powerful and fast effect than the normal piramidal effect. One forms before the piramidal has visible effects. It is analgesic.
8) One takes place whenever the pyramid with its requirements exists ( paramagnetic material, correct direction, leveling, proportions, etc.).

Not always one forms although there is a pyramid working. The irons of the floors, the ground, etc. prevent their formation.

9) It does not have contraindications. 9)Anti-pyramid it has contraindications. We advised its use only to specialized therapists.
It can be understood of which both are therapeutic. With the use of ANTI PYRAMID it is necessary to have some precautions, but You can sleep or live WITHIN a perfect Pyramid, without risk.
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