Frankly we have tried to make the pyramids cheaper, economic, within the reach of any average pocket, and we have even looked for means so that people can make homemade pyramids without excessive expense and without risks. But our pyramidal products are the result of almost a century of work by many researchers and half a century of my personal dedication, which is why we have committed ourselves to efficiency and quality guidelines that allow us to guarantee in writing and with legal effect, not only that the effects ruled by the Cuban sanitary authorities (already of international value) are produced with our pyramids but they also lack undesirable side effects. You can see it here.

Our experience, trying to help other manufacturers, in order to help each other in the massive diffusion of the pyramidal products has been dire. Even using partially the information we give, which is abundant, there have been done from disloyal competition up to calumnies, improper use of our images, etc., and it has been up to me and the Osiris Team to resolve the damages caused by improvised manufacturers, to people who have believed that a really good and safe pyramid can be "cheap". An economic pyramid can be a simple deception, but even worse, a harmful object when it is not made with suitable materials. A small amount of ferromagnetic or diamagnetic in the structure, even when these are only part of the paint, can cause damage in continued use.

We have also had to deal with the anger of people who bought pyramids that simply did not work even remotely according to their expectations, which has done much damage to pyramidology.

To the public in general, in case of not being able to acquire our products, we ask you to analyze the options well and use for long stays only well made wooden pyramids, although we do not manufacture them for now.

In the commercial field, we do not want any relationship with any company that is not associated with the Pro-Fundación Piramicasa, for which certain logical and strict requirements must be met. The possibility of a pyramid as economical as we would like, is not something that can be achieved without prejudice the quality, which in these health products is neither conceivable nor negotiable.

So we ask any manufacturer, and we hope you understand, not to associate Piramicasa or any of our products with any other, nor use any of the words registered in intellectual rights, which you can see (and I beg to reread carefully).

For those who have a real interest in making Perfect Pyramids, they have enough information in our books and they will have to invest as we did, time in research and a lot of money. Then they will have to guarantee, as we do, in writing, the effectiveness of the product and the absence of undesirable side effects.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva
and the Osiris Research Team.


Piramicasa's Professional Team and the Osiris Club neither have relation nor propitiate mystical matters nor prophetic, religious, political or pseudoesoteric. Its aims are purely scientific and to the margin of the activities or the particular beliefs of its executives, partners and clients.


NOTE: If you want to talk about a specific project or if you have any comment or question, we will gladly attend your concerns.



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