As we age, especially from age 50, bones become more fragile, skin wrinkles, muscles do not have the same strength, hair loses color, there is more risk of cancer, heart attack, memory loss and mental illnesses are more common ... These are some of the external signs of the passage of time, or rather, a degenerative process. A disease that is called old age or gerontotemia.

The causes of this widespread disease in all our human nature, extended also to the Animal and Part of the Vegetable Realms, are anomalies of chemical, magnetic and physical order, to which are added psychological factors founded almost all, in the fear of death.

Is remarkable the number of scientists who see "Eternal Youth " as an increasingly close possibility (leaving behind the "cloners") . However, it would be ridiculous to try to achieve Eternal Youth with a couple of keys and recipes. We know that the conservation of health has a few conditions. Some are more important than others, but together they allow us to live more and better.

We don't know how much more we can live by avoiding the main causes of aging, but for several decades we have been proving that one of these "most important" keys is the main cause of cellular aging (which is the basis of Integral, organic aging).

This very important cause is the harmful influence of "free radicals" and other oxidizing forms, which damage nuclear DNA by causing the cell to reproduce defectively or not reproduce at all, to the detriment of the organ it composes. Mitochondria, which are the organs that feed cells, also undergo in their DNA the effects of oxidation, because they produce the oxidation process that allows energy to be extracted. If the action of free radicals is avoided, the mitochondria perform their task without functional impairment. Free radicals also attack the cell membrane, and oxidized spots rapidly degenerate into cell wounds. Also many proteins remain as waste, useless to the organism, because of oxidation outside time and place.

From the histological point of view, old age is nothing more than an imbalance in cellular reproduction. There are produced less and less each time of what is necessary, less quality, less functional, and sometimes completely disorderly. Sometimes these attacks of free radicals degenerate into cancers. Avoiding cellular aging is the key to significantly slowing the integral aging or aging process.

A: Free radicals are produced inside the cell, by various chemical processes, even in some functions of the mitochondria themselves, that do not have "antidote" against that chemical waste. B: Free radicals and other oxidants damage the DNA chain because they are associated with various atoms, decomposing such chain.

Free radicals are loose oxygen atoms and other small, highly reactive oxygen-based compounds, willing to "relate" to other atoms, it is to say to "oxidize." Within our cells billions of free radicals are formed daily. But, despite being a normal product that the body elaborates to process the fuels that the cell burns, to extract energy, have a great destructive power for the same cell.

It is possible that human genetics is "calculated" or designed for a slightly different atmosphere, or other magnetic conditions, or that we lack that biblical "Fruit of the Tree of the Science of Good and Bad", which today we could interpret as the "antioxidant enzyme".

But what seems most plausible is that these three situations are combined precisely because it has been shown that in a non-electric magnetic field, naturally accelerated but with the mere power of the earth's magnetic field, such as that of the pyramid, free radicals and oxidants in general are swept by the flow of electrons. Also the therapies with magnets to eliminate free radicals from the blood, give good results, although with certain risks that are not fund in well constructed pyramids. Finally, diets with large amounts of chemical antioxidants also result ... But with many "but ...".

Chemical antioxidants have several drawbacks, such as the need to balance the rest of the food quite outside the customs of any village. Some products have dangerous side effects, others produce hemoglobin deficiencies or interfere with the digestion process, ending up in dangerous renal accumulations, etc.

On the other hand, pyramidal and magnetic therapies do not possess any of these disadvantages, and it is only necessary to adapt the pyramids or the systems of magnets to the human organic needs, which are quite common to all the particular races and conformations. With respect to these systems, it should be clarified that they NEVER be used simultaneously. If you have a PYRAMID-BED, you should not use copper elements, other magnetic metallic elements, and even less magnets of any kind. It is advisable to use the pyramid to sleep, and the magnetic rings and bracelets to use them during the day or when you should sleep in a moving vehicle. Magnetic elements help, but pyramids have more properties, not just magnetic properties.

As for the pyramids, avoid using magnetic metals, do not abuse extreme densities, or stay too long in the anti-pyramid (which is only used by qualified therapists). Our pyramids have been calculated to serve all kinds of people, whatever their level of organic sensitivity to magnetic changes.


The subject of antiaging vaccine is an issue, which until now have achieved nothing or resemble the pyramidal effects. Some so-called vaccines are simply a deadly scam, resulting in cancer and other pathologies. Others are purely an exaggeration. There are very good products based on juices from the Morinda Citrifolia from Tahiti, which are grown in several Caribbean countries, but their properties are not very different from oranges, lemons, kiwis and grapefruits, which we should consume in greater quantity for being as good as the Morinda but a lot cheaper.

We are faced with a fundamental issue pursued by mortal humanity (I say "mortal" because in my opinion there are others that are not), which is to prolong life, or even better, to avoid gerontotemia or aging, which is a DISEASE and not a inevitable natural process. Although we have not definitively discovered the method of balancing the balanced and constant maintenance of cellular reproduction, we know that aging and almost all diseases that lead to death are due to a series of factors that are partially or totally reversible.

One of the factors of aging (perhaps the most determinant) is the oxidation of the ends of nuclear DNA strands and the damage caused by the action of free radicals on mitochondria and other organelles . Although the cells have some natural defenses against this phenomenon, they are neither qualitatively nor quantitatively sufficient.

The presence of antioxidants ingested or produced by the organism, donate or accept an electron to form stable intermediates, such as alpha-tocopherol, ascorbate and GSH.

Perhaps more important, particularly in the detoxification of oxygenated radicals and hydrogen peroxide, are the protective enzymes like the peroxide of dismutase, which converts superoxide into hydrogen peroxide; GHS peroxidase and catalase convert hydrogen peroxide into water, which the cell can excrete or use according to its needs."

"How to avoid old age" Dr. Alexis Tabene - 1998

But oxidation is not the only factor. Also we have as more general determinant, the structural disharmony of the axial orientation in the whole molecular set of our body. For this there is no chemical means of regulation and harmonization, but we also know what are the factors capable of correcting this disharmony.

When I studied anthropology I found a specialized magazine (in Portuguese) with an article titled "A Montanha Da Vida", which gave me one more clue in pyramid research. The article dealt with a mountainous town of Russia, in which its thousands of inhabitants reach incredible ages, without child mortality and with a "greater" of 160 years. The only "secret", according to the locals, is to always live on the side of the mountain where the village is located, and never stay overnight on the other side. Those who have some idea about ​​feng shui will understand the case more clearly. The magnetic influence of the mountain is what provides that longevity between people who drink as authentic descendants of Cossacks, smoke black tobacco from an early age and eat a somewhat unbalanced diet, lack of iodine and other shortcomings. Nevertheless, it is one of the longest-lived villages in the world.


No "extracellular" method has proven acceptable against old age, degenerating into worse ills, except constant blood transfusions to which some powerful characters submit, which is economically and ethically unacceptable to the masses. Yet it has only managed to keep them alive for a few more years.

The best result achieved with chemicals is the consumption of antioxidants, but these produce other ills, because the excipients are deposited in liver and kidneys, which can not then eliminate them quickly enough.

Some antioxidants used in food are even worse: they prevent proper function of the intestinal flora, inhibit the absorption of calcium (which ends in osteoporosis), and some produce inhibition of synaptic communication (neurons can not communicate). Dopamine and other substances that produce our glands are interfered by some of those chemicals that modernly make us eat perforce. The results will be seen in a few decades, although many can already be checked by statistics.

But magnetic systems (there are several) have proved much better for organic functioning and adjuncts to functions, both organic and properly cellular. We are talking about magnetic fields of low intensity and high frequency, where possible generated by non-electric means.

Electromagnetism is applied - with great care - in anti-rheumatic treatments, combined with acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). But in addition to requiring many precautions has the problem of requiring a consistent application and serve only to treat muscle injuries and rheumatoids specifically and accurately for each occasion. In contrast the telluric magnetism (own of the earth) has better therapeutic qualities and the human organism has acceptance in a quite broad spectrum.

One of the most convincing experiments on the application of pyramidal energy and longevity was carried out by my team in 1989. The blue flies of Roraima, which live 15 days, managed to live around 28. The larvae were selected by the biologists of the Boa Vista Hospital, by means of regular sampling, and placed in the pyramid the day before their hatching. To avoid having two generations mixed, we made a removable trapdoor, with a vegetable paste own of its enviroment, where they deposit their larvae. In this way we made sure that the ones that stayed in the pyramid were only those born of the first larvae.

The growth of the specimens exceeded 20% of normal. The larvae produced by these were placed in another pyramid and the experiment was repeated. The average life of the larvae that remained in the pyramid throughout their gestation was the same, but many lived for 29 days and some 30. One of the later analyzes (of dead flies) showed that they did not have a single of the parasitic bacteria and viruses they usually harbor.

We did not experiment with bigger animals because it would not be ethically possible (we can not bear to see the animals in cages), but we slept in the pyramids and we could see the amazing speed of healing of the wounds (even ulcerated wounds) that take 20 days to heal , healed in three or four days, and in weeks or months there is no scar left. Cures of chronic bowel problems and definitive disappearance of one problem of asthma.

I have already exposed the physical causes that generate these phenomena, which are not difficult things to check. This has not been presented by any magazine of the "important" market, despite having written in several of them, because it obviously does not suit certain groups of economic power, but the experiments are available to anyone. You do not have to be a scientist to prove it.

When you have health and youth, do not value these things. When loses them, you go crazy looking for magic solutions, and at the same time, perhaps because of despair, you do not credit things that can be check with cardboard, a compass and aluminum foil. Is that against stupidity and laziness, there is no vaccine possible.

I am not saying that the pyramids are the absolute panacea against old age, but until now they are the only alternative that ensures greater health and cellular longevity, as well as a spontaneous attunement of the molecular set, whether it be an insect, a plant or a person. Moreover, the only contraindications (theoretically but unlikely to date) would be cardiac pacemakers, which we do not know how they respond to pyramidal magnetism, although we have tested one and some like computers and function inside the pyramid without any problem and there is at least one user with pacemaker, who sleeps in a pyramid and has not had any inconvenience.

In the first research team, computers were used that were not yet on the market, and we had doubts that they could be affected by the pyramidal magnetic field. But there was never any problem. There was even an accident due to lightning, in which we thought we were losing a hard drive. The disc remained in one of the pyramids, waiting for us to travel to Manaus, Brasilia or São Paulo, to send it by safe mail to Japan. But after less than a month, we tried again and the disk worked perfectly.

We have also received comments from other researchers who have managed to repair 5.1 / 4 and 3.5 " discs with only a few days of exposure in the pyramid.

The only collateral and secondary effect on the human body that may appear depends on the size of the pyramid (when is bigger than 20 meters of base and 90 kg / m3), it is a kind of magnetic overdose that causes nausea, transient diarrhea and malaise of the purges - physiologically innocuous but unpleasant - that disappears immediately upon leaving the pyramid.

This is avoided by a CES (Control Effect System) that allows graduate the load in pyramids of more than six meters, making their effects smoother but equally noticeable, both therapeutically and to live. The new PYRAMID-BED do not have that problem, because its density is calculated to give the smoothest possible effects, without losing efficiency in the medium and long term. Even so, some effects (especially the antirheumatic) is verified in a few days, except that if is chronic and advanced rheumatic, which requires a Hercules model for its treatment.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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